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Introduction of Programs


Saturdays are for Visiting Samgaksan Citizens Hall

Representative events of Samgaksan Citizens Hall planned as special events of various genres and that citizens may enjoy are held every second Saturday.

Samgaksan Energy Recharging Concert

Regular performances, such as traditional dances, gala shows and performances, by Samgaksan Citizens Hall citizen artists energize citizens in their everyday lives.


Exhibition by local visiting artists

Exhibitions of works by local artists (art communities) selected and invited by the Northeast region Artist Support Exhibition Contest


Our Village Photo Studio

A cultural content production workshop recording current scenes from the region by a photographer and sharing them with citizens.

Samgaksan Children’s Wednesday Creation Factory

Creative experience education held every Wednesday for regional children to learn about various cultures and arts with an artist actively working in the region.


Grandma’s Storybook

A story-telling experience program run by senior local storytellers for children and families.

Samgaksan Tuesday Cinema

A community movie screening that shows diverse genres of movies that local children may like.

Samgaksan Craft Market

A citizens’ handcraft market that offers handicrafts made by citizen artists as well as a variety of experiences.

Permanent Experience Programs

Permanent experience programs held frequently to improve user satisfaction and provide guidance for the space as follows:

  • ① Post Office to the Future:
    A citizen participation program that has people write to themselves and send the letters to them at a random time in their future.
  • ② Open-space Stamp Tour:
    A tour of the space to get to know the locations and names of each space while collecting various stamped seals.
  • ③ Samgaksan Word Quiz:
    A crossword puzzle about nearby regions and Samgaksan Citizens Hall.

Samgaksan Citizens Hall to Visit You

A community-connected program hosted by a joint operation group that provides a wide variety of art and culture to citizens of various ages through planning that is adapted to embrace local characteristics.